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Glen Burton GA41-MD101 Review

Submit an Entry: Review Your Guitar

By Brad C.

What is the manufacturer/model of your guitar?

Glen Burton GA41-MD101

Is the guitar electric or acoustic (or both)?


How much did you pay for the guitar? New or used?

50.00 on ebay free shipping

Is the guitar easy and comfortable to play?

Guitar is easy to play once the action is set to your liking.The guitar came with high action not good for beginners. Had it professionally set up and action lowered by sanding saddle. Beautiful sunburst finish easy to play has good feel for a beginner cheap guitar.

Guitar tone.

Tone is ok remember it's a beginner knock around or travel beater guitar to have so your good one doesn't get messed up or broken.

It is tiny somewhat but loud. I'd say your average sounding cheap guitar.A friend played it and sounded really nice.

Guitar build quality.

Nicely well made no finish flaws or any problems other than Action.Beautiful sunburst finish basic black binding.No intonation problems also the guitar had a trus rod and comes with renches.This guitar I had outside leaning against the house for a few minutes as I went in the house.I came out and the wind knocked it over a few scratches nothing major still in tune and played good.Tuners are cheap but ok for now guitar stay in tune once tuned.


  • I had this guitar professionally set up had high action out of box and was very hard to play.For the extra 40 bucks I had the action lowered (saddle sanded down)and a new nut installed. Now it plays and sounds awesome like a Fender.I recomend this guitar to anyone on a budget or a beginner.Is a very good guitar to have till you get better and can get a better guitar yes it is made in China but it's not junk like most guitars. You can find these on ebay.
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