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Types of Guitar

Lots of resources for those looking for lessons and information on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitar, and more.
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  3. Brands of Guitars (69)
  4. Electric Guitar (14)
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  6. Vintage (9)

Types of Guitars
Information on some of the less common types of guitars, with pictures and tuning information for each.

Types of Guitars - Small Instruments
Information and pictures of some of the smaller guitar-like instruments, including the mandolin and the ukulele.

How to Tune a Ukulele
A guide for guitarists learning the ukulele on how to get their uke in tune. Includes both standard C and standard D tuning.

9 Ukulele Chords You Should Know

Ukulele Tuning
Ukulele Tuning

Ukulele - C
Ukulele - C

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