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guitar tabs for love songs to play for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend...


Valentines Day is the time of year when even the most macho of us have to swallow our pride, go out on a limb, and try to be a little romantic, at the risk of making a fool of ourselves. Serenading your significant other with a romantic love song is a great way for a guitarist to score points on Valentines Day. Below are lyrics and guitar tab to some popular romantic love songs that should help to woo that special person in your life this Valentine's Day, or any other day. Love songs are organized from least romantic to over-the-top sappy.

Slightly Romantic Love Songs (love songs for the average joe)

Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman Guitar Tab and Lyrics
it's not really a love song, but your girlfriend/wife will eat it up

Ben E. King - Stand By Me Guitar Tab and Lyrics
if you read this love song's lyrics, they sound a little needy, but no one ever notices

U2 - All I Want is You
this is a sly love song, that some of you guys might appreciate. It sounds very romantic, but if you examine the lyrics, to me they suggest a guy telling a girl to back off the marriage thing

Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me Guitar Tab and Lyrics
everyone adores this love song. Everyone thinks it's really romantic. I think it's downright dirty

The Beatles - I Will Guitar Tab and Lyrics
a quiet, honest love song

Dire Straits - Romeo & Juliet Guitar Tab and Lyrics
this is a good love song choice for the timid - anything by Shakespeare sounds romantic, but the song isn't at all gushy

Sam Cooke - You Send Me Guitar Tab and Lyrics
a terrific love song, but beware guys: it contains the lyrics "Now I find myself wanting to marry you and take you home". Consider yourself warned

John Lennon - Love Guitar Tab and Lyrics
another great love song choice for the shy - it's simple, romantic, and easy to remember

Very Romantic Love Songs (love songs for the sensitive type)

The Everly Brothers - All I Have to Do Is Dream Guitar Tab and Lyrics
a good love song choice for an over-the-phone serenade

Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water Guitar Tab and Lyrics
on paper this looks like a good love song to play. The only problem is... it's very high, and hard to sing

The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody Guitar Tab and Lyrics
this love song will probably go over well if your significant other is romantically inclined. You might need to meddle with the melody to avoid the acrobatic singing

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight Guitar Tab and Lyrics
this classic Clapton love song strikes a nice balance between sap and sentimentality

Ben Folds - The Luckiest Guitar Tab and Lyrics
this love song is admittedly sappy, but it's one of my favorites

Elvis Presley - I Can't Help Falling in Love With You Guitar Tab and Lyrics
a good romantic choice for those of us who don't have a particularly high singing voice. Try singing this love song in your best Elvis-style voice

Van Morisson - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Guitar Tab and Lyrics
there are barely any lyrics to this love song, so if your memory is spotty, consider this romantic classic

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me Guitar Tab and Lyrics
this love song has become one of the most popular recent choices for a wedding song. It's heavy on the romance, but not so much that it's embarassing to sing.

The Beach Boys - God Only Knows Guitar Tab and Lyrics
the first line of this love song begins "I may not always love you...". You might want to sing that line under your breath. The rest of the song will score big romance points.

Elton John - Your Song Guitar Tab and Lyrics
you might have to psyche yourself up to sing some of the pretty overtly romantic lyrics in this love song

The Beatles - And I Love Her Guitar Tab and Lyrics
another classic love song from Lennon/McCartney. No need to feel embarassed singing one of these

Al Green - Let's Stay Together Guitar Tab and Lyrics
classic soul love song. If you've got the pipes to sing it, this will get the romantic vibes flowing

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