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The internet is a great resource for finding free guitar tab, chords, and lyrics to your favorite songs, or entire albums by a band you love.
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Guitar Tabs and Chords
A collection of resources for guitarists looking to learn how to learn to read guitar tabs, and for those hunting for good guitar tabs to play

How to Read Guitar Chord Charts
A simple tutorial on how to interpret the grid-based guitar charts so commonly found in guitar music and tablature

Learning Guitar: How to Read Guitar Tablature
A detailed explanation of how to read guitar tablature, so you can use the tens of thousands of guitar tabs on the web.

Top 90s Songs for Acoustic Guitar
If you're a child of the 1990s who is learning to play guitar, this is a list of easy to play songs from the 1990s, with instruction on how to play each. Includes chords, Spotify links, and more

Legal Tablature Downloads
To adapt to a crackdown on unauthorized guitar tablature on the web, Guitar at About.com has partnered with Musicnotes.com, an online, legal source for guitar tablature. Learn how to begin using Musicnotes here.

Easy Song Tabs
Searching for easy songs to play on your guitar? Guitar at About presents lyrics, and easy to play acoustic and electric guitar tabs for hundreds of songs. Great guitar tablature from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s are featured.

How Do I Read Guitar Tablature?
A detailed description of how to read and write guitar tablature. Featuring full illustrations and more.

Top 11 80s Songs for Acoustic Guitar
Fans of 80s music will find a list of some of the best 1980s music to play on the acoustic guitar. Includes links to tab and free audio versions of the songs

Love Songs - Lyrics and Guitar Tab
Stuck for romantic Valentines Day ideas? Here's a collection of romantic love song lyrics and guitar tab, that you can sing to your special someone this Valentines Day, or on any other special day. Love songs range from sweet to totally cheesy.

Tab for Greatest Albums Ever Made
The December 2003 issue of Rolling Stone magazine named the 500 greatest albums ever made, according to 273 magazine editors and contributors. Here is an archive that provides lyrics and tabs for the top 30 albums.

I Have a Little Dreidel Guitar Tab and Lyrics
Guitar tab and lyrics for I Have a Little Dreidel, a traditional Jewish song performed during Channukah. I Have a Little Dreidel is just one of the Hannukah song tabs available in this song tablature archive.

Figuring Out Songs from CD
Are you a guitarist who has struggled when trying to figure out guitar parts off of cds or mp3s? Frustrated by the poor quality of most guitar tab on the web? Read this tutorial, designed to teach you how to learn your favorite songs on your own.

Christmas Carol Chords and Lyrics
Here is an archive of chords, lyrics, and tabs for over 70 of your favorite Christmas carols, presented in an easy to print format.

Mi Y'maleil Guitar Tab and Lyrics
Guitar tab and lyrics for Mi Y'maleil, a traditional Jewish song performed during Channukah. Mi Y'maleil is just one of the Hannukah song tabs available in this song tablature archive.

Guitar Tab for the Birthday Song
Chords and lyrics for the classic birthday song, in several keys.

Top 70s Songs for Acoustic Guitar
If you're a fan of music from the 1970s, here is a list of guitar chords for some of the most popular songs from that decade. Includes guitar chords, Spotify links, performance tips and more

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