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Five Positions of the Pentatonic Scale for Guitar


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How to Use Pentatonic Scales
Once you've memorized the five positions of the pentatonic scale, you'll need to begin exploring how to use them in your music.

One of the best ways to start becoming comfortable with a new scale or pattern is to try and create a few interesting "riffs" with that scale. So, for example, try creating a few guitar riffs using the G minor pentatonic scale in the third position (beginning on the 8th fret). Strum a G minor chord, then play with the notes in the pattern until you find something you like. Try doing this for all five positions of the scale.

Using the Pentatonic Scale to Solo

Once you get comfortable using the pentatonic scale patterns, you'll want to try and start incorporating them into your solos, to allow you to solo in one key all over the fretboard of the guitar. Try sliding from note to note in the scale, or bending notes, to help find inspiration. Find a few riffs you like in positions you're not used to playing in, and incorporate those into your guitar solos.

For practice, try using different A minor pentatonic scale positions to solo over this mp3 of the blues in A. Then, try using the A major pentatonic scale positions to solo over the same audio recording, and note the difference in sound.

Experimentation and practice are the key here. Spend lots of time learning this, and take your guitar playing to the next level!

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