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The Musical Alphabet
the musical alphabet

the musical alphabet

If you've been playing guitar for a while, you're probably comfortable with your basic open chords - the C and G majors on the first few frets of the guitar. Those chords sound great, and you'll play them as long as you play guitar, but if those are the only chords you know, you're missing out. By taking some time to learn the notes on the guitar fretboard, you can begin playing chords (and even guitar solos) all over the neck of the guitar. There are several ways to go about learning the fretboard...

It is important for all musicians to understand the way the "musical alphabet" works. The musical alphabet is similar to the "regular" alphabet, in that it uses standard letters (A, B, C...). The musical alphabet differs in that the letters only progress up to G, upon which they begin again at A. As you continue up the musical alphabet, the pitches of the notes get higher (when you go past G up to A again, the notes continue to get higher, they don't start at a low pitch again.)

On the guitar, each letter name in the musical alphabet represents a specific fret on the fretboard. Between each letter, there is a "blank" fret (these are the sharps and flats, which we'll deal with later) WITH TWO EXCEPTIONS - between B and C, and also between E and F, there is no "blank" fret. These notes directly follow each other on the fretboard.

Now, let's apply this knowledge to the guitar fretboard...

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