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For guitarists looking to learn their guitar scales, the chart below outlines multiple patterns for playing popular guitar scales in all 12 keys.

Notes on Reading Guitar Scale Diagrams

The fretboard diagrams contained within this archive should be straightforward. The six vertical lines in each diagram represent a string, with the sixth string appearing on the left. The horizontal lines represent frets. The dots indicate which frets to play on the appropriate strings. If there is a number to the left of the diagram, that number is indicating the fret number the scale begins on.

Notes on Playing Guitar Scales

Begin playing these scales by fretting and picking the lowest note on the lowest string indicated. Play each note on the string in ascending order. When all notes on that string have been played, shift to the next string, and repeat this process. Performance notes accompanying each scale should outline any suggested guitar scale fingerings.

All guitar scales shown here span two octaves, unless otherwise noted.

Chord Scale Library

rootmajor scaleblues scale
A♭ A♭ major A♭ blues
A A major A blues
B♭ B♭ major B♭ blues
B B major B blues
C C major C blues
D♭ D♭ major D♭ blues
D D major D blues
E♭ E♭ major E♭ blues
E E major E blues
F F major F blues
G♭ G♭major G♭ blues
G G major G blues
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