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For songwriters, here is a large, and well-organized resource that offers tips on how to find those missing chords or lyrics in your songs.
  1. Writing the Lyrics (2)
  2. Writing the Music (5)

Writing Better Songs
A study on how to write a melody that others will remember, and keep humming long after you're done playing. Includes an analysis of songs by Radiohead, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys. A great resource for songwriters.

Blank Sheet Music - Staff, Tab and Chord Paper
Looking for blank sheet music to download and print? Look no further, here is free printable staff paper, blank guitar tab sheets, and empty chord charts to write your sheet music on.

Silver Kat Checklist
Tips for writing songs aimed at succeeding in the commercial market. The site makes some practical (if somewhat distressing) points about popular songwriting.

The Muse's Muse
Wow! A large, fantastic site devoted solely to songwriting. Includes spotlights on songwriters, interviews, articles from guest columnists, and more. All-encompassing.

U.S. Copyright Office Home Page
Government site detailing the copyright laws in the United States, and explaining what procedures you need to follow to copyright your own material.

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