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Guitarists Who Play the Rickenbacker 360
Donovan with Rickenbacker 360

Donovan with Rickenbacker 360 Keystone|Getty Images

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Ever since George Harrison made the Rickenbacker 360 a key part of the Beatles sound on 1964's LP A Hard Day's Night, guitarists around the globe have used the jangling tone of the guitar to evoke a particular mood.

Peter Buck (R.E.M.) has used the Rickenbacker 360 extensively. The guitar forms the basis of R.E.M.'s distinctive sound. Says Buck - "I've used my black 360 Rick on every record we've ever done, it's my main guitar; I bought it new, beat it up, splattered blood on it and now it's my guitar..." (iconicguitar.com)

Roger McGuinn made the characteristic quality of the Rickenbacker a foundation of the Byrds' sound. McGuinn initially played the 360, but later changed to a custom 3-pickup model 370.

Tom Petty and fellow Heartbreakers member Mike Campbell also became enamoured with the jangle of the Rickenbacker 360/12, and feature it on many of their recordings.

Other guitarists who have used the Rickenbacker 360 prominently include The Who's Pete Townshend, Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty and Steppenwolf's John Kay.

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