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This is an ever-growing archive, designed to allow guitarists to share their opinions of specific guitars with others. Please take a moment to submit a review which will be featured on the site.

Keep in mind that the following reviews are the opinions of guitarists around the world, and don't necessarily reflect the views of Dan Cross, or anyone else involved with Guitar at About.com.


Alverez Yairi Antoria Aria BC Rich Carvin Clarrisa Cole Clark Daion Danelectro Dean



Epiphone ESP Fender First Act G&L Gibson Godin Guild Hagstrom Hamer Harmony Heritage Hohner Ibanez Jackson Kramer L'Arrivee Lakewood Martin Maton Moonstone Norman Ovation Parker Paul Reed Smith Regal Rickenbacker Rogue Samick Sanatoga Santa Cruz Guitar Company Schecter Seagull Simon and Patrick Squier Suhr SX Tacoma Taylor Travis Bean Vantage Washburn Wechter Westfield Yamaha

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