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Guitar Photos

Whether you're looking for pics of your dream guitar, or trying to hunt down photos of a guitar you already own, chances are you'll find them here.

Gibson ES-175 Guitar Photos
Photographs of the various parts of a Gibson ES-175 archtop electric guitar, with descriptions of each part.

Classical Guitar Photos
Site with archived photos of classical guitars, including separate photos of headstock, label, and rosette for each. Every guitar is available for purchase.

Collections of the Stars
From CollectGuitars.com, pic of the guitars used by many of todays most popular rock and pop guitarists.

Left Handed Guitars
Ed Roman has provided many photos of assorted left-handed guitars, many of which are for sale on his site.

G&L Guitars
A very thorough photo collection of the guitars and basses created in conjunction with Leo Fender, after he ended his relationship with Fender Musical Instruments.

Great Guitars
An archive of guitar photos on a personal homepage. Quite a few pics here, with the bulk of photos being of Gibson guitars.

Guitar Collections
A site featuring photos of the guitar collections of various guitarists around the net. You're invited to submit photos of your own collection.

Instrument Gallery
This page, from th Frets.com site, offers many pics of unusual guitars. For those curious about lesser known models of instruments, this feature is worth checking out.

Pictures and Gibson
A fairly small collection of photos, including pictures of ESP, Gibson, Fender, and BC rich guitars.

Vintage Guitars Info Picture Gallery
A great site that offers hundreds of various guitar pix, including large photo archives of Gibson, Fender, Martin, and Rickenbacker guitars, plus many others.

Vintage Guitar Photo Gallery
A ton of somewhat randomly organized photographs to browse through here. The first page contains three different gallery options - each of which contain many vintage guitar photographs.

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