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The greatest jazz guitarist you've never heard
ed bickert canadian jazz guitarist
Though he achieved a certain amount of fame from his recordings with Paul Desmond, Milt Jackson, Oscar Peterson, and Stanley Turrentine, Canadian jazz guitarist Ed Bickert (read Bickert's bio on Wikipedia) is still generally unrecognized as the phenomenon he is. Eschewing New York City, Bickert spent his entire recording career in Canada, thus didn't get the media attention contemporaries like Jim Hall did.

One of the many charms of Ed Bickert's guitar playing is that he can be enjoyed on so many levels. Bickert provides music that is seemingly simple, yet decievingly complex - an emalgamation of swing and bop-based lines, tonicization, moving inner voices, chord substitution, and more.

Entire courses in music schools could be devoted to Bickert's use of passing chords, contrary motion, and deceptive resolution within his chord solos. Many of the voicings Bickert uses just don't get used by a lot of other guitarists, save perhaps in the music of fellow Canadian jazz guitarist Lenny Breau. In an age where, 40 years after the death of Wes Montgomery, most guitarists are still resorting to Wes' block-chord voicings in their solos, Bickert's more intricate approach to this style of playing is refreshing.

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