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Debutante by Daisy Rock Butterfly guitar

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Daisy Rock Debutante Butterfly Electric Guitar

The Bottom Line

The Debutante by Daisy Rock Butterfly electric guitar is a beautiful instrument made for girls as young as seven years of age. If your daughter is interested in playing guitar, this may be the perfect instrument to keep them interested.


  • Beautiful design will immediately attract young girls
  • Small size makes it easy for even the littlest hands to hold
  • Easy to play
  • Reasonable price


  • A guitar amp and other accessories are required
  • Lack of tone control


  • butterfly shaped electric guitar
  • comes with a fitted gig bag
  • bolt-on maple neck, select wood body, 22.5" scale, one humbucker pick-up

Guide Review - Debutante by Daisy Rock Butterfly guitar

Is the little girl in your life a Miley Cyrus fan? Thanks to the folks at Daisy Rock guitars, you can buy her the same guitar played by the Hannah Montana star for a very reasonable price.

Debutante by Daisy Rock Butterfly electric guitar is an undeniably gorgeous instrument sure to appeal to young girls. The body of the guitar is shaped like a butterfly, while the headstock is teardrop-shaped. The bolt-on maple neck (with rosewood fretboard) is short-scale, meaning the frets are smaller than traditional guitars. The neck of the Butterfly is also extremely thin, so even the littlest hands shouldn't have a problem playing chords on this guitar.

The Butterfly features a single humbucking pickup with volume control, as opposed to a more typical dual volume/tone control set up. This ends up giving somewhat less flexibility to guitarists, as it doesn't provide easy tone control for the guitar. To the target audience, however, this is probably not a serious concern.

The Butterfly plays well, and sounds surprisingly good for a guitar in the $150 range. The tuners, often subpar on instruments at this price, are of solid quality. Construction of the Butterfly appears to be uniformly solid.

The real selling point of the Debutante Butterfly, however, is it's appearance. The guitar is attractive enough that chances are, girls will be excited to show it off to their friends. Getting young kids to pull out their guitars on a regular basis can be a difficult proposition for parents - the beautiful Debutante Butterfly should make their job easier.

NOTE: Unlike an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar requires some sort of amplification in order to be heard. Since the Butterfly doesn't ship with an amplifier, anyone buying this guitar will need to consider purchasing one.

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