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Debutante by Daisy Rock Junior Miss Acoustic Pack

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Daisy Rock Jr Miss Acoustic

The Bottom Line

The Debutante by Daisy Rock Junior Miss Acoustic Pack is a smart purchase for parents looking to get their young daughters interested in playing the guitar. Although the Junior Miss is a guitar they'll grow out of if they get serious about playing, this $99 starter kit is a cost-effective way of introducing a little girl to the guitar.


  • Color of the guitar will appeal to younger girls
  • Easy for little hands to hold
  • Includes everything needed to get started playing right away
  • Small price tag


  • Strictly a beginner instrument


  • bright "bubble gum" pink acoustic guitar
  • comes with a starter pack including an electric (pink) guitar tuner, a guitar strap, and guitar picks
  • guitar features an agathis body, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard

Guide Review - Debutante by Daisy Rock Junior Miss Acoustic Pack

If you're a parent looking to get your daughter interested in playing the guitar, the folks at Daisy Rock Guitars may have a great solution for you. The Debutante Junior Miss acoustic guitar is a low-cost, bright pink acoustic guitar created specifically for young girls (the Daisy Rock web site suggests the guitar may be suitable for girls as young as six).

The Junior Miss ships as part of a starter pack that includes a guitar tuner, a strap, and several guitar picks... everything a young girl will need to get started playing (other than lessons, of course). The guitar itself is "short-scale", meaning it's smaller than most acoustic guitars, making it easier for smaller people to play and hold. The neck of the guitar is quite slim - even tiny hands should be able to play chords on the Junior Miss with a little practice.

To be clear, the Junior Miss is strictly a beginner instrument - this wouldn't be a choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current guitar. But, as a beginner instrument, this guitar is impressive. The Junior Miss is attractive, solidly constructed, and easy to play. And, at a street price of only $99 for the entire package, it's a small investment for parents worried their child might not show much interest in playing guitar.

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