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C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Guitar Review


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Price Paid for C.F. Martin 000C - 1E:

$1200 USD

Description of C.F. Martin 000C - 1E:

Built and purchased in 1997, Fishman Pre-amp and EQ, sitka spruce top, laminated mohogany back and sides.

C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Tone Rating:


Comments about C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Tone:

This instrument is absolutely perfect for my style of playing, that being classical and/or finger picked blues lead. It's not really designed for strummers or rythm players as it doesn't really project the bass all that well. But the high end is crisp, clear, sustaining, and wonderful.

C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Quality Rating:


Comments about C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Quality:

even though this is close to the bottom of Martin's catalog, it is still produced with the same amount of effort, craftsmanship and attention to detail of an HD-28.

C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Overall Rating:


C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Pros:

Wonderful value, incredible high end sound and highly durable.

C.F. Martin 000C - 1E Cons:

Not for rhythm playing and the bass doesn't come through when "rocking out" due to it's small body....all in all, a substantially good buy for ANY blues player which is probably why Clapton's signature guitar is a 000.

Submitted by: Jacob Osborne
Playing Experience: six to ten years
Musical Tastes: blues, classical, classic rock

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