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Starfield Cabriolet Guitar Review


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Price Paid for Starfield Cabriolet:

$375 USD

Description of Starfield Cabriolet:

two P.A.F.Dimarzio humbuckers. Mahogany body and a bolt on ash neck. a hollow body tele/les paul shaped. It got a tele bridge and gotoh diecast tuners.

Starfield Cabriolet Tone Rating:


Comments about Starfield Cabriolet Tone:

It can do all the sounds you want. Because the volume and tone pots in combination of threeway switch makes this very flexible for every type of music.

Starfield Cabriolet Quality Rating:


Comments about Starfield Cabriolet Quality:

This guitar is for about 2 years mine. I use it for all my gigs (about 2 every month) and it never turns me down.

Starfield Cabriolet Overall Rating:


Starfield Cabriolet Pros:

I own 9 different guitars in all kinds of price classes and qualities, but this one is gives the most value for your money. It's a shame that Starfield bleeded to death before they contracted any famous endorsers for their products.

Starfield Cabriolet Cons:

Submitted by: Anonymous

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