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Seagull S6 + Cedar Guitar Review


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Price Paid for Seagull S6 + Cedar:

$400 USD

Description of Seagull S6 + Cedar:

Owned for five years, cedar top with cherry back and sides.

Seagull S6 + Cedar Tone Rating:


Comments about Seagull S6 + Cedar Tone:

This guitar sits right in the Mid-lower price range, and is a great choice for amateur players or as a more experienced players' second guitar. The tone is very pleasant. I wouldn't say it has an overly exaggerated high end, but it sits well. The low end is not real rich, but has decent presence. It is definately not boomy. The best way I can describe the sound is a realistic character that shows that you are playing on real wood and have a quality instrument.

Seagull S6 + Cedar Quality Rating:


Comments about Seagull S6 + Cedar Quality:

I doubt you'll find anything built better in this price range. These are made by fine Canadian folks, and they gain a lot of loyal followers due to their careful craftsmanship. Since I probably am too rough on it sometimes, and Cedar is a somewhat softer wood, the top has gotten a bit scratched up over the years, but nothing that I really mind. It gives it character! This guitar has been really reliable, just remember, as with any guitar, to take it in for a professional check-up from time to time.

Seagull S6 + Cedar Overall Rating:


Seagull S6 + Cedar Pros:

Stupendous value, REAL wood, pleasant sound, well built

Seagull S6 + Cedar Cons:

"no frills" design, somewhat soft Cedar wood (can easily scratch), low end can leave a bit to be desired.

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Submitted by: Nathan Edwards
Playing Experience: three to five years
Musical Tastes: alternative, folk, pop

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