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Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Guitar Review


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Price Paid for Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85):

$90 CDN

Description of Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85):

3 hot single coils, body ash, neck laquered pearwood on maple, all put together in 1972.

Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Tone Rating:


Comments about Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Tone:

The tone is ROARING! if you stand to close to the amp while this things being played, youll be cut to ribbons with the highs, and mashed into a pulp with the lows. No matter what the amp, this thing tears up a venue.

Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Quality Rating:


Comments about Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Quality:

Well, when I purchased it off ebay it looked like a well-played rig, but when I recieved it i discovered a well-hidden CHUNK missing from the back of the guitar. But hey, it plays like a dream with 13-56s on it, even 14-58s sound beautiful and play like a dream. I love it, go and buy one. NOW!

Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Overall Rating:


Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Pros:

I got it for $90, i couldnt go wrong. It sounds better than my cousins brand-new immaculate 600$ mexican fat strat, his dads usa fat strat, and my uncles '82 usa strat. It OWNS the competition.

Harmony Strat Copy (Pre-'85) Cons:

The middle pickup is a little thin, but since I only use neck and bridge I dont care.

Submitted by: Jake
Playing Experience: six to ten years
Musical Tastes: blues, jazz

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