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Alvarez DY-51 Guitar Review


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Price Paid for Alvarez DY-51:

$350 USD

Description of Alvarez DY-51:

acoustic. Built 1985. I don't know the types of wood. Very well done. And pretty, too.

Alvarez DY-51 Tone Rating:


Comments about Alvarez DY-51 Tone:

Has a great combination of both high and a healthy bottom end to it

Alvarez DY-51 Quality Rating:


Comments about Alvarez DY-51 Quality:

The finish is very good. It has held up for many years without any adjustments.

Alvarez DY-51 Overall Rating:


Alvarez DY-51 Pros:

This is (I think) one of the easier acoustics to play. The neck is somewhat thin and the action is quick when you want it. When my friends play it, they love it. The value is great for what I paid for it. In fact, it has gone up a bit.

Alvarez DY-51 Cons:

I am not a pro, so I really can't think of anything that would be considered a con.

Submitted by: Tom Sheridan
Playing Experience: over ten years
Musical Tastes: blues, classic rock

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