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Keith Richards Profile

Learn more about the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist


"Keith Richards IS the Rolling Stones." It's an oft-heard statement that shocks casual Stones followers, yet elicits nods of agreement from many serious fans of the band. For while the public sees Mick Jagger as the leader of the Rolling Stones, it is Keith who writes the bulk of the band's music. Indeed, Keith's personality embodies the very essence of The Rolling Stones. Whereas Jagger is often considered to be insecure, and always very self-conscious about how he presents himself to other people, Keith is brash, angry, and unconcerned with what others think about him. It's this sort of "take me or leave me" attitude that gives classic Stones tracks their fire.

Musically, Keith has drawn from a wide variety of influences, to create a unique, and influential guitar style. After learning about the intricacies of tuning his guitar to open G (thanks to input from Ry Cooder), Keith began to explore this alternate tuning extensively, creating from it a whole style of guitar playing. Richards even went so far as to remove the low E string from many of his guitars, as he found it a hindrance when playing in open G. Although he doesn't always play in this tuning, if you study Rolling Stones tablature, and listen to their music, you'll begin to understand just how often it is used.

Keith Richards Career Highlights:

Born: December 18, 1943 in Dartford, Kent, England

Noted Guitar: 50s Fender Telecaster with low E string removed

Nicknames: Keef, one half of the "Glimmer Twins"

Best Known For: inhuman constitution

Selected Discography:

1992 - Main Offender
1991 - Live at Hollywood Palladium
1988 - Talk is Cheap

w. Rolling Stones:
1998 - No Security
1997 - Bridges to Babylon
1994 - Voodoo Lounge
1989 - Steel Wheels
1983 - Undercover
1981 - Tattoo You
1978 - Some Girls
1973 - Goat's Head Soup
1972 - Exile on Main Street
1971 - Sticky Fingers
1970 - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
1969 - Let it Bleed
1968 - Beggar's Banquet
1967 - Between the Buttons
1966 - Aftermath
1965 - Out of Our Heads
1965 - Rolling Stones Now!
1964 - 12x5
1964 - England's Newest Hitmakers

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