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100 Greatest Guitar Solos

Featuring guitar tab for the top 100 guitar solos ever


51. Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets

guitarist: Kirk Hammet
band: Metallica
album: Master of Puppets
guitar tab: Master of Puppets tab

52. Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Banner

guitarist: Jimi Hendrix
band: Jimi Hendrix
album: Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock
guitar tab: Star Spangled Banner tab

53. Since I've Been Loving You

Since I've Been Loving You

guitarist: Jimmy Page
band: Led Zeppelin
album: Led Zeppelin III
guitar tab: Since I've Been Loving You tab

54. Geek USA

Geek USA

guitarist: Billy Corgan
band: Smashing Pumpkins
album: Siamese Dream
guitar tab: Geek USA tab

55. Satch Boogie

Satch Boogie

guitarist: Joe Satriani
band: Joe Satriani
album: Surfing With the Alien
guitar tab: Satch Boogie tab

56. War Pigs

War Pigs

guitarist: Tony Iommi
band: Black Sabbath
album: Paranoid
guitar tab: War Pigs tab

57. Walk


guitarist: Dimebag Darrel
band: Pantera
album: Vulgar Display of Power
guitar tab: Walk tab

58. Cocaine


guitarist: Eric Clapton
band: Eric Clapton
album: Slowhand
guitar tab: Cocaine tab

59. You Really Got Me

You Really Got Me

guitarist: Dave Davies
band: The Kinks
album: Kinks
guitar tab: You Really Got Me tab

60. Zoot Allures

Zoot Allures

guitarist: Frank Zappa
band: Frank Zappa
album: Zoot Allures
guitar tab: Zoot Allures tab

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