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100 Greatest Guitar Solos

Featuring guitar tab for the top 100 guitar solos ever


21. Time


guitarist: David Gilmour
band: Pink Floyd
album: Dark Side of the Moon
guitar tab: Time tab

22. Sultans of Swing

Sultans of Swing

guitarist: Mark Knopfler
band: Dire Straits
album: Dire Straits
guitar tab: Sultans of Swing tab

23. Bulls on Parade

Bulls on Parade

guitarist: Tom Morello
band: Rage Against the Machine
album: Evil Empire
guitar tab: Sultans of Swing tab

24. Fade to Black

Fade to Black

guitarist: Kirk Hammet
band: Metallica
album: Ride the Lightning
guitar tab: Fade to Black tab

25. Aqualung


guitarist: Martin Barre
band: Jethro Tull
album: Aqualung
guitar tab: Aqualung tab

26. Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit

guitarist: Kurt Cobain
band: Nirvana
album: Nevermind
guitar tab: Smells Like Teen Spirit tab

27. Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy

guitarist: Stevie Ray Vaughan
band: Stevie Ray Vaughan
album: Texas Flood
guitar tab: Pride and Joy tab

28. Mr. Crowley

Mr. Crowley

guitarist: Randy Rhoads
band: Ozzy Ozbourne
album: Blizzard of Oz
guitar tab: Mr. Crowley tab

29. For the Love of God

For the Love of God

guitarist: Steve Vai
band: Steve Vai
album: Passion and Warfare
guitar tab: For the Love of God tab

30. Surfing With the Alien

Surfing With the Alien

guitarist: Joe Satriani
band: Joe Satriani
album: Surfing With the Alien
guitar tab: Surfing With the Alien tab

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