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#6 - Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry guitar

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Although Chuck Berry has never been known for speed or technique, his classic double-stop opening riff to "Johnny B. Goode" is still considered required learning for all guitarists worth their salt. Many critics cite Berry as one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.

The following sites should help you learn a little more about Chuck Berry's signature sound and playing style:

How to Play Like Chuck Berry
Watch a YouTube video of "Marty from nextlevelguitar.com" walk through how to play some of Chuck Berry's signature riffs.

How to Sound Like Chuck Berry
From the message board at ChuckBerry.com, one of the site admins describes Chuck's guitars of choice (Gibson ES 335, 345, and 355). From some more internet research, it sounds as though Chuck often played through a Dual Showman Reverb.

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