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Guitarists A to Z

Almost all popular guitarists have an official website, on which they'll often post tour dates, song lyrics, audio clips, news, and sometimes even include personal anecdotes and more. Find your favorite guitarist's website here.
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Rolling Stone's List of Greatest Guitarists
Some time ago, Rolling Stone magazine published their list of the top 100 guitarists of all time. Here at About.com, we run down the top 10 choices, with some guitar-specific insight into each's playing style.

U2 Guitarist The Edge Dave Evans - U2 bio Dave Evans guitar sound
A guitar-centric bio of U2 lead guitarist Dave Evans (aka "The Edge"). Learn about the U2 guitarist's experimentation with delay and more.

Joe Satriani Interview - October 7, 2004
Christian Music Guide Kim Jones speaks with Joe Satriani, on October 7, 2004.

100 Greatest Guitarists | Reader Feedback
You've seen the Rolling Stone magazine list of the top 10 greatest guitarists of all time. Are they on the mark, or are they crazy?

100 Greatest Guitar Solos
The top 100 rated guitar solos of all time with details on the guitarist, the guitars used and solo notes

2012 Readers' Choice Awards
Nominate your top guitarist choices in a variety of categories, then cast your vote to decide an actual winner

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