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How to Teach Children to Play Guitar
Guitar for Kids
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The following lesson is the first in a series designed for parents (or other adults) who wish to teach their children guitar, but who have little or no prior experience in playing guitar themselves.

The focus throughout this lesson series is on fun - the goal is to get your kids interested in playing guitar. The lessons are written for the adult doing the teaching - your goal is to read ahead, internalize what the lesson teaches, then explain each lesson to the child. The lessons provide additional materials you can share directly with your kids.

For the purposes of these lessons, we will assume that:

  • The child you're planning on teaching is realistically old enough to learn to play guitar
  • An acoustic guitar is available for the child to play (if a guitar has not yet been purchased, here is a beginner guitar recommendation for a little girl)
  • The instrument is appropriately sized (children eight and under often do best with half-sized instruments. Three-quarter sized instruments are also available for bigger kids).
  • There is a guitar pick available.
  • The child has access to an armless, straight-back chair or (in a pinch) a bench on which to sit while playing guitar.
  • The adult has access to a printer, or in the absence of a printer, can reproduce some illustrations from the lesson via pen and paper.
  • The adult can commit to learning guitar - although you don't need to be Andrés Segovia to teach your kids guitar, you need to be one lesson ahead of them in the learning process.

If you've checked all of these boxes, and are ready to dive in to teaching your child to play guitar, let's look at how to prepare for your first lesson.

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