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If you're trying to find a specific article on repairing your electric guitar online, this is the place to look. Includes a large number of pick-up wiring and schematic sites.

Fret Levelling

If you own a well-used guitar, and are experiencing buzzing on certain frets, there is a chance that fret has been worn down. This article explains the process of correcting that problem.

Adjusting Neck on an Electric Guitar

If you've got a guitar whose neck bows either forwards or backwards, this tutorial will instruct you how to correct the problem.

Adjusting Action at the Nut

If your string action is high, often the problem is an improperly carved nut. This article describes how to go about properly cutting a nut for your instrument.

Advice on Guitar Cleaning

Simple, realistic advice on how to best keep your instrument clean. Includes a neat tip: [i]use a ruler and a shammy to reach those awkward areas underneath the strings.[/i]

How to Read Simple Schematics

If you're interested in diving into guitar wiring, you'll need to understand how to decipher the rather confusing looking schematic diagrams. This tutorial should help you out.

Shielding a Strat

Instructions for properly sheilding a stratocaster, to drastically reduce excess noise that frequently occurs with single coil pick-ups.

Shielding a Tele

Although telecasters don't tend to be as noisy as stratocasters, they can still benefit by being properly shielded. This instructional will give you the how-to.

The Stratocaster Pickup Selector Switch

The scoop on the five-way selector switch which gets used in many strat and strat-copy guitars. Includes a section on switch and pot maintenance.

Series vs. Parallel Wiring

What they are, what the difference is, and how the concepts apply to guitars.

Stock Stratocaster Wiring

After you've completely rewired your guitar multiple times, and are unhappy with the results, you can use these schematics to return the guitar to it's original wiring configuration.
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