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Electric Guitar Repair

Info here relates specifically to problems that occur with electric guitars, including fret, neck, and other issues. Includes a section on wiring, and other guitar modifications.

Electric Guitar Repair Shop
If you're trying to find a specific article on repairing your electric guitar online, this is the place to look. Includes a large number of pick-up wiring and schematic sites.

Caring for your Tuners
Article that outlines steps you should be taking to ensure your tuners last as long as possible. A few drops of oil works wonders!

Excessive String Breaking
From the Vintage Guitar Online site, an article that outlines possible problems that may cause your guitar strings to break more often than normal.

Fender Trussrod Replacement
This page contains a good description of the process of replacing the trussrod on a Fender instrument. It might not be enough info to allow daring guitarists to attempt the job themselves, though.

Polishing your Guitar
A great, in depth article on how to care for your instrument's finish by polishing it. Includes tips on how to remove sticky adhesives.

Repairguy Tips
If you've been struggling away doing your own guitar repairs, and are frustrated, this site, full of amusing "fake" tips, might help you lighten up a little.

Trade Secrets
This site has a ton of great articles that outline guitar repair problems and solutions. A large archive of material here will keep you busy for a long time!

Vinyl is the Enemy
From the Frets.com site, an illustration of the harmful effects vinyl can have when it comes into extended contact with your guitar.

Wiring 101
Many good articles on this site that involve guitar wiring tips and how-to's. Includes topics like "strat mutations that create unusual sounds" and "new tricks with push-pull pots".

Wiring FAQ
As the title implies, a frequently asked question list on guitar wiring. A nice page that doesn't get too technical, so is relatively easy to understand.

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