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Christmas Songs That Sound Great On Electric Guitar


Here is a collection of chords for Christmas songs that sound particularly good on electric guitar, or in a full-band setting. You'll find a mix of classic Christmas Carols here, and new songs written by rock artists.

1. Christmas (by U2)

u2 christmas
Subtitled "Baby Please Come Home", this song was actually first recorded by Darlene Love, but was made famous by a U2 version recorded in 1987.

2. Father Christmas (by The Kinks)

This Christmas song was written and recorded by the UK band The Kinks in 1977. It's got a punk feel, and would work well in a full band setting.

3. Jingle Bell Rock (Bobby Helms)

jingle bell rock bobby helms
This may be more rockabilly than rock and roll, but the intro to Jingle Bell Rock is one that every electric guitar player should learn.

4. Run Rudolph Run (Chuck Berry)

run rudolph run chuck berry
This popular Chuck Berry Christmas song is simply a 12-bar blues shuffle in C with the intro lick to Johnny B Goode.

5. Merry Christmas Baby (Bruce Springsteen)

merry christmas baby bruce springsteen
You may know this song through the versions recorded by Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, or (my personal favorite) Otis Redding.

6. Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses)

christmas wrapping the waitresses
Recorded in 1981, this peppy Christmas song has a pretty seriously funky bassline, which unfortunately is not included in the guitar tab.
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