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Brands of Guitars

A collection of links to all the major guitar company's websites, from Alvarez to Washburn.
  1. Fender
  2. Fender (14)
  3. Gibson (3)
  4. Rickenbacker (6)

Website for the St. Louis based guitar manufacturing company. Features owner's manuals in PDF format, and other items of interest.

This is an American guitar manufacturer that concentrates on making lower-priced guitars - like the "Aria Pro". The company does also deal in some higher end products as well.

B.C. Rich
From the makers of some of the most unusually shaped brands of guitars around. Includes a message board, pricing information, and more.

Taylor Guitars Profile
An overview of the relatively new guitar manufacturer Taylor, including the most popular instruments they've produced, guitarists who play Taylor guitars, and more

Website of luthier Robert Benedetto, one of the most widely respected archtop makers in the world. Bring your platinum card!

Bunker Guitars
This Washington-based company is responsible for designing and building some very high calibre, and unusual, models of guitars.

Site featuring the guitars endorsed by guitarists like Steve Vai, Al DiMeola, and more. Has an extensive online catalogue.

An informative website featuring Cort instruments, along with list prices, etc.

Epiphone Profile
A brief profile of Epiphone - the Gibson-subsidiary guitar manufacturer based in China. Includes a history of the company, notable instruments, and more

Ibanez Profile
A brief overview of Ibanez, including company history, notable guitar Ibanez has manufactured and more.

This American-based guitar and effects manufacturer creates some very individual looking, low cost guitars.

This handy site offers helpful information (like prices!) on the company's interesting and attractive guitars. Hi bandwidth site that may take a while to load.

This popular guitar company is a spin off from Gibson. Epiphone often create lower cost guitars similar to more expensive Gibson instruments (eg. there is an Epiphone Les Paul).

Official site offers documentation (with pics) of the various types of guitars the company manufactures. Each guitar includes a listing of it's retail price.

G&L Guitars
Site featuring guitars made by Leo Fender, after he left Fender, and started his own company in 1980. The guitars are great; but website is poorly constructed.

The comprehensive Gibson website features contests and give-aways, as well as plenty of information on all Gibson products.

Site of the unusual thinline hollowbody electric, and solidbody electric guitar makers, based out of Quebec, Canada. Site includes specs and pics, but no prices are listed.

Known primarily as drum builders, the American-based Gretsch company also creates some high caliber guitars. The website offers specs on guitars, plus company info, and a bit more.

Guild Guitars
Official site that provides several interesting features, including a "date your guitar" page.

This company builds guitars both in the US, and internationally. The website offers the usual guitar specs, company info, etc.

This Kalamazoo, Michigan based company concentrates on making quality archtop guitars, although they do make many solidbody models as well. The website offers specs and pics of their instruments, and more.

This company manufactures many models of electric and acoustic guitars, plus mandolins, etc. The web site offers all the usual info on guitars, company history, etc.

Official website for the well-known guitar makers. Unfortunately, the site is very flashy, which makes for difficult navigation. Users with slower connections or older computers beware!

The instrument choice of many high profile players, Jackson guitars seem suited to a "heavy rock" environment. The website offers the latest Jackson news, instrument specs, and more.

An unusually shaped line of guitars used most notably by the great Bill Frisell. If you're intrigued by odd looking guitars, take a peek at this site.

This British Columbia based company manufactures higher-end acoustic. Their official site includes model info, list prices, testimonials, and more.

Official site of the guitars made by Ernie Ball. Pics and specs are shown for each model of guitar, but site doesn't give much other documentation, or provide any info on pricing.

Martin & Co.
Famous acoustic guitar-maker's website.

An offshoot of the Kaman Music site, this web site is devoted to the somewhat controversial round-backed guitars.

These unusually shaped, handcrafted guitars seem to have a broad following. The website offers the typical info on guitar specs, the building process, the company, etc.

Official site of the multi-faceted music company.

PRS Guitars
The website featuring Paul Reed Smith products.

This official site features all the customary information about Rickenbacker guitars and basses. No price information given.

Ruokangas Guitars
This company offers hand-crafted guitars starting at about the $1600(US) range, created by a luthier in Finland. Extensive documentation on construction (with pics) is provided.

Web site for the company specializes in producing lower-cost electric guitars. Typical info here on guitar types, etc.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company
These guitar makers focus on producing high end, acoustic instruments. The website provides detail on pricing, materials used in construction, dealer info, and more.

The official site of these highly respected mid-priced acoustic guitars. Includes pics and specs of each guitar, although no retail prices are listed.

Website of the popular acoustic/electric-acoustic guitarmakers. A lot of links going to the wrong places here.

Nice site featuring many impressive acoustic guitars.

Washburn Guitars
A very helpful site that offers solid documentation of Washburn products, with an online price guide.

Martin Profile
A brief overview of C. F. Martin & Company, including their most popular guitars, musicians who play Martin guitars, and more

This multi-instrument manufacturing company has a high tech website with some interesting features. Including the regular info, you can listen to clips of Yamaha guitars in action.

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