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Parts of the Bass


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Headstock - Parts of the Bass

The headstock of a bass guitar

James Porter
At the top of the bass guitar is the headstock. This is the part that houses the tuning pegs, those little knobs you use to change the pitch of the strings. Some bass guitars have the tuning pegs arranged in a row, while others have them on either side of the headstock.

Bass guitars make use of a "worm gear" for their tuning system. A spiraled screw thread (the "worm") and a gear lock together, so that rotating the screw will slowly move the gear around and tighten or loosen the string. The full tuning peg and worm gear apparatus is called a tuning machine or machine head. The tuning machine allows very fine adjustments to be made when tuning, and also prevents the strings' tension from pulling the gear back.

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