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Singer-Songwriter Bob Dylan Biography and Profile - Folk Music
Bob Dylan is the king of changing styles, and one of American folk music's most prolific and influential singer/songwriters.
Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin Bob Dylan Album Review - Folk Music
Bob Dylan's second album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (Columbia, 1963), was one of his most groundbreaking efforts. It could be held responsible for putting ...
Bob Dylan - News and Articles About Bob Dylan - Folk Music
Bob Dylan was folk-rock's first and most influential troubadour. Learn more about Bob Dylan with these articles, reviews, news bits, "best of" lists, and more.
Bob Dylan - The Ten Best Moments of Bob Dylan's Early Career
Bob Dylan is one of the most influential singer/songwriters ever, whether you're looking at Folk, Pop, or Rock. His career has enjoyed several twists and turns ...
Bob Dylan's Best Songs - Folk Music - About.com
Diving into Bob Dylan's music catalog can be a little overwhelming. Check out this list of Bob Dylan's best songs for some tips on where to start.
The Story of the "Hurricane" - Behind Bob Dylan's Song - Folk Music
Ask any Bob Dylan fan to name his or her top five Dylan songs, and chances are “Hurricane” (purchase/download) will hover somewhere around the top of the ...
Bob Dylan's Life and Career Timeline - Folk Music - About.com
Little did Bob Dylan know, in 1961, that he would end up writing some of the world's most celebrated anthems. What follows is a timeline hitting the peaks and  ...
Profile of Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan Biography - Music Education
Soon, Bob Dylan was making a name for himself as he performed in various venues in New York City. He was eventually signed by Columbia Records in 1961 ...
Essential Books about Bob Dylan - Folk Music - About.com
Bob Dylan remains a guitar-slinging cryptogram as elusive as the meaning of his finest songs. Here are the best books out there about Dylan, for the new fan or ...
Bob Dylan Movies - Folk Music - About.com
Throughout his career as a songwriter, Bob Dylan has appeared in more than a dozen films. From his own four-hour epic, Renaldo and Clara, to Martin ...
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