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Singer-Songwriter Bob Dylan Biography and Profile - Folk Music
Bob Dylan is the king of changing styles, and one of American folk music's most prolific and influential singer/songwriters.
Bob Dylan - News and Articles About Bob Dylan - Folk Music
Bob Dylan was folk-rock's first and most influential troubadour. Learn more about Bob Dylan with these articles, reviews, news bits,
Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin Bob Dylan Album Review - Folk Music
Bob Dylan's second album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (Columbia, 1963), was one of his most groundbreaking efforts. It could be held responsible for putting ...
Bob Dylan's Life and Career Timeline - Folk Music - About.com
Little did Bob Dylan know, in 1961, that he would end up writing some of the world's most celebrated anthems. What follows is a timeline hitting the peaks and  ...
Bob Dylan - The Ten Best Moments of Bob Dylan's Early Career
Bob Dylan is one of the most influential singer/songwriters ever, whether you're looking at Folk, Pop, or Rock. His career has enjoyed several twists and turns ...
The Story of the "Hurricane" - Behind Bob Dylan's Song - Folk Music
Ask any Bob Dylan fan to name his or her top five Dylan songs, and chances are “Hurricane” (purchase/download) will hover somewhere around the top of the ...
Bob Dylan's Best Songs - Folk Music - About.com
Diving into Bob Dylan's music catalog can be a little overwhelming. Check out this list of Bob Dylan's best songs for some tips on where to start.
Profile of Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan Biography - Music Education
Soon, Bob Dylan was making a name for himself as he performed in various venues in New York City. He was eventually signed by Columbia Records in 1961 ...
Essential Books About Bob Dylan - Folk Music - About.com
Bob Dylan is one of the most prolific and appreciated American folksingers and songwriters. He's also one of the most written-about artists in contemporary folk ...
Bob Dylan's Country Music Connections - About.com
Bob Dylan and country music go way back. His country-rock classic Nashville Skyline convinced many of his contemporaries that country music was more than  ...
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