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Rock is Back!
The White Stripes, The Hives, The Vines, The Strokes Guitar Tab
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It was hard not to notice the symbolic "changing of the guard" at the the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. Never, in recent memory, have such stylistically diverse bands appeared on the annual award show, often competing for the same awards. When teenie icons Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen presented the Breakthrough Video Award to The White Stripes, the absurdity of the situation was so apparent, even Jack Stripe couldn't help but appear puzzled.

The resurgence of this new breed of garage-punk music couldn't have come at a better time for music lovers. The last half decade of mainstream music has been, with several notable exceptions, undeniably fallow and formulaic. But in the past year, bands like The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Hives, and The Vines have introduced punk and rock music to a younger generation - one that perhaps was too young to experience the early 1990s grunge movement.

The rock music resurgence of 2002 differs musically quite drastically from the grunge phenomenon. Whereas much grunge drew primarily from punk music, this new breed of bands tend to have a much more splintered range of influences. Groups like The Strokes and The Hives have been heavily influenced by rock and roll bands like The Rolling Stones. The Vines incorporate elements of the "UK pop" sound, with a somewhat more heavy, aggressive undertone. The White Stripes are all over the map stylistically, pulling influences from country, folk, blues, and punk music. The duo is even known to perform showtunes during live performances.

Will these, and other new rock bands help to upheave a music industry rife with cookie-cutter pop bands, and albums carefully crafted by studio execs? This remains to be seen - continued support from MTV is required, as is the approval of commercial radio. If the current trend continues, however, it's a good bet that the Olsen twins will spend the night of the 2003 MTV Video Awards at home, in front of their TV.

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