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Metallica vs Napster

Dateline: 05/15/00

By now, you've surely heard the news of Metallica, and their pending lawsuit against the makers of the mp3 trading software Napster.

Napster complies with Metallica

After a May 8th ruling by a federal judge, dismissing Napster's claims that they were not responsible for the illegal actions of their users, the software makers have seemingly begun to co-operate with Metallica. Recent developments have seen Napster voluntarily banning over 300,000 of it's users, who were found to have been sharing Metallica songs via the software.
Additionally, without any fanfare, Napster released a new beta 6 version of their software. This newest update offers instant messaging, a built-in web browser, advanced search features, and more. Many Napster users were immediately sceptical of the newest version of Napster, and apparently, for good reason. One of the other, unannounced new features of Napster beta 6 was the inclusion of hidden registry entries that prevents users from changing their username, and re-logging on if they were banned. This, of course, has not deterred many Napster users, who have already started posting workaround methods to the ban on the official Napster Discussion Forum.

Napster users fight back

Predictably, many Napster users have found ways to lash out at both Metallica, and at Napster for the ban. Some disgruntled users have created websites designed to mock Metallica, and their legal maneuverings. The Paylars.com site has launched a sarcastic initiative to collect donations for Metallica, to re-imburse the band for monies they claim to have lost via napster mp3 trading. As of 05/15, the site has raised $345 for Metallica.

Additionally, the Camp Chaos site has posted a scathing Metallica Cartoon, which depicts the band's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich in a rather unflattering light (definitely not for the kids... nasty language abounds!)

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