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Learning Guitar - Lesson Eight
Part 8: Practice Schedule
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• Part 1: overview
• Part 2: fingerpicking
• Part 3: strumming patterns
• Part 4: slash chords
• Part 5: slides
• Part 6: string bending
• Part 7: learning songs
• Part 8: practice schedule
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We've covered so much material, I can't emphasize enough the importance of going back over old lessons, to be sure you remember how to play everything we've learned. Here are some things you'll want to focus on:
  • First, make sure your guitar is in tune.
  • Warm up by playing a blues scale, making sure you're using alternate picking.
  • Then, see if you can play it using a slide technique.
  • Practice all barre chords we've covered, making sure you also review note names on the sixth and fifth strings. By this point, you should know these quite well. If not... review, review, review.
  • Play the new strumming patterns using a combination of single notes and chords. We'll be building on these in future lessons, so get them sounding perfect!
  • Every time you pick up the guitar, play a few string bends. You'll get the hang of them in time.
  • Review slash chord theory, and make sure you understand it. Try playing a few slash chords of your own choosing.
  • Try the fingerpicking patterns, and the two songs above that utilize fingerpicking.
  • Try to play all of the songs above, plus keep playing those from previous lessons.
If you're feeling confident with everything we've learned so far, I suggest trying to find a few songs you're interested in, and learn them on your own. You can use the easy song tabs archive, or the guitar tab area of the site to hunt down the music that you'd enjoy learning the most. Try memorizing some of these songs, rather than always looking at the music to play them.

In lesson nine, we tackle some more advanced strumming techniques, more advanced bending techniques, new chords, new songs, and much more.


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