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Yamaha EG-303
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Price Paid: $800 SR
Description: 3 double humbuckers, typical fender strat shape, typical tuner (top of head - don't remember the name). Pinewood/Rosewood neck i think.
Comments: the sound is very versitile - and because of the make it can hang on notes for ages. i've played anything from pachabel's canon to turn your lights on to bon jovi to pennslyvania 6-500 (blues) on it - all live.
Comments: The finish was fine - however it does have a slight buzz and the lead insert tends to work itself loose over time, but all it needs is a little twist and its back in. Howvever it terms of the actual woodwork ad body of the guitar it is very solidly built and will last you a long time.
Pros: Its a good guitar for any beginner due to its versitility and mid-range prince (800 SR = £120) Its not too biased towards any one form of music which is good when you're dabbling in any form of music god ever created. it keeps tune for a while and you can easily hang on notes - all things you want to do when your just starting out.
Cons: Its versitile - maybe too much so. Once you have decided which form you want to play, then maybe you'll want something thats more suited to that style of music. Also, the humming does tend to increase substantially around microphones and other guitars - possibly not such a great thing if your playing to a very large audience (1000+)

Submitted by:
Atif K (zugzuggy@hotmail.com)
Playing Experience:
three to five years
Musical Tastes:
alternative blues heavy metal jazz

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