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Ibanez RG-350 DX
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Price Paid: $500 Canadian
Description: Electric. Made in Korea. This guitar carries two factory humbuckers and a single coil in between them. the sound is rich for those who love to play heavy. the wizard neck is nice and thin and carries jumbo frets which last longer than regular ones. floyd rose trem lock II. lock nut
Comments: Honestly, for a cheap brand named guitar the Ibanez rg350 dx is the best you'll get for a heavy guitar under 600 bucks. the bridge humbukers are thick with bass and the tone is warm. the guitar plays well with tube amps
Comments: The wood is american basswood. it's fairly strong. the guitar is nicely crafted and fairly heavy due to the wood.
Pros: for a price of $500 i'm very happy with my guitar. i have a gibson sg and it doesn't compare. maybe cuz it's different kinds of playing.
Cons: the only con is the cheesy squigly white pickguard it comes with. also this guitar should come with a floyd rose setup book for beginners

Submitted by:
Dante Johns
Playing Experience:
six to ten years
Musical Tastes:
heavy metal

Price Paid: approx $900 CDN
Description: 2 sets of humbuckers, basswood body, locking tremelo II bridge, 24 frets, white.
Tone: n/a
Comments: This guitar has everything you need, it has the highs and low and everything in between.
Comments: few problems, only in paint though, small and the inspector touches it up.
Pros: this is the very best guitar ibanez makes, the only way you can get better is by get the fancier version ( steve vai's jem series) but you are looking at another $1000 (can) stays perfectly in tune once tuned, no matter how much you use the whammy bar.
Cons: cant drop-p tune (you can put everyting goes out of tune a bit) so it isnt the best choice for metal, and with a locking tremelo bridge (same with all locking tremelos) it takes awhile to tune but is perfect once tuned.

Submitted by:
King (King_Ferret__@hotmail.com)
Playing Experience:
over ten years
Musical Tastes:

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