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Ibanez RG-270
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Price Paid: $300 USD (with case, used)
Comments: I am 26 and just starting playing about 5 months ago. I liked it for a while and then compared it to my teacher's Mark Jacksons and McInturffs. I shouldn't have done that.
Comments: Quality? Not much to say. Basswood is one of the cheapest woods that you can use to build a guitar. You get what you pay for here.
Pros: Nice case and really not the worst piece of junk to learn on! Sounds good w/ distortion!
Cons: Here is the primary problem with this guitar. With a little research I have found that the real weak spot with this guitar is its pick ups! Powersound is made by Ibanez and they stink! If you love the look and want a decent sound...replace the pick ups and u should be all set. As for the durability of the other components...The bridge looks a little wimpy!
It is simply not the best for what I wanted - a cheap strat knock off! Go with the Danelectro Innuendo. For about 200-225 you will get a decent guitar that won't break the bank. It has built in effects too! Good reviews in guitar magazines and Harmony Central! I am going to Guitar Center this week to try and trade this thing in for Innuendo! Wish me luck!

Submitted by:
Pat Keating (patkeating@excite.com)
Playing Experience:
under one year
Musical Tastes:
classic rock folk heavy metal pop

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