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Gibson J-100
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Price Paid: $1300 USD
Description: Acoustic with pick-up. Made in USA. This is the 'cheap' guitar of the Super Jumbo series, which includes the J-200, and now the J-150, in addition to other much more expensive guitars. I tried this guitar out with a J150, and a J-200. I wanted the fancier guitars because of that super-cool flowered pickguard! But, the J-100 hands down sounded more...bigger. This guitar vibrate parts of your anatomy that you normally don't think of while picking! The abalone ring around the soundhole is a plus, and it is not available on the other SJs until you get into custom shop guitars with astronomical prices.
Comments: This is a full bodied, rather bass biased sound. However, there is enough treble to make it very useable for lead work. In some ways I'd rather play lead on this guitar than my HD-28! THe 28 is an excellent guitar, also! Still, rhythmn is what the Super Jumbos do best. The big sound make you want to lay back and make everyone else sound good. qualitycomment: There is no such thing as a perfect guitar! The finish is good. What you'd expect on a good day from Gibson. I think a better bridge would help with the minor intonation problems. I suppose bone would probably make it sound bigger still. Hm-m-m.
Comments: no quality rating or comments entered
Pros: I feel that the SJ-100 is an excellent value. List is about $2200 (I think). I paid a little less than $1300! Of course, I am Really good at guitar buying! Expect to pay around $1500-$1600. Includes a very nice hardshell case. Very Important Note: I feel that Gibson is building the best guitars now that it has since the early sixties. These are the ones you children and grand-children will be lusting after. Disclaimer: I have no connection to Gibson except that I have owned several Gibsons ranging from the thirties-sixties.
Cons: I have some minor intonation problems which will be fixed with a new bridge saddle sometime. Also, there are a couple of frets that seem to be a little too noticable to my thumb. (I'm picky about necks) The bridge pins don't stay in very well when restringing. Martin pins will fix that. These are just minor quibbles, and I am happywith my guitar.

Submitted by:
Graylen Cook (cgraylen@hotmail.com)
Playing Experience:
over ten years
Musical Tastes:
blues classic rock country folk

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