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Epiphone AJ-10
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Price Paid for Epiphone AJ-10: $300 CDN
Description of Epiphone AJ-10: Acoustic. spruce top, i belive, mahogany sides and neck, rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, dot inlays
Tone of Epiphone AJ-10:
Comments about Epiphone AJ-10: bright tone, full sound, sounds probably as good as any acoustic i've ever heard
Quality of Epiphone AJ-10:
Comments about Epiphone AJ-10: no flaws that i didn't inflict myself, it stays in tune forever, great action, no fret buzz, plays pretty good, the neck is a bit thicker than my electric, but a bit thinner than one of my other acoustics, overall very excellent
Overall Opinions of Epiphone AJ-10:
Pros: cheap compared to the higher priced gibsons, i can't imagine they sound that much better than this one. i would give it a 10, but there is probably some better expensive guitars
Cons: the only con i can think of is that it says "epiphone" and not "gibson" on the headstock, but that's not a real con, really.

Submitted by:
Bryan (jimi_hendrix_is_god_@hotmail.com)
Playing Experience:
one to two years
Musical Tastes:
alternative blues classical classic rock folk heavy metal

Price Paid for Epiphone AJ-10 : $255 USD
Description of Epiphone AJ-10 : Hardware: Chrome Scale: 25.5"" Nut Width: 1.68"" Neck Joint: Set Neck Material: Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood/Dot Binding: Body Body Material: Mahogany Top: Select Spruce Finishes: Natural
Tone of Epiphone AJ-10 :
Comments: Its can be bright or dark, depends on how you play it, good pick u quality, configuration na dversiatility is good, i also have an Les paul standard with a crate amp, and an ibanez ds-7 distortion pedal and the nessecities
Quality of Epiphone AJ-10 :
Comments about Epiphone AJ-10 : The wood looks great when its polished, the hardwares good, ive smacked it around a good couple of times and its looks like new, no problems that i can think of
Overall Opinions of Epiphone AJ-10 :
Pros: Its a goood guitar, almost never goes out of tune, it lasts and is very durable, I found it at a pawn shop beleive it or not and its the best deal ive ever gotten for how much i normally see it, it lasts alot longer thn any other accoustic ive had, i play nirmall an hour or two a ay for practice an the finger board has barley began to wear down
Cons: It doesnt have very good access to the higher frets, other thant that i think its great

Submitted by:
Mitch Howard (Kamakzo@hotmail.com)
Playing Experience:
one to two years
Musical Tastes:
heavy metal

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