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DeArmond S-65
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Price Paid for DeArmond S-65: $190 USD
Description of DeArmond S-65: Electric. This guitar is a double cutaway cherry red sg look alike. It has two humbuckers from dearmond and comes with a bolt on neck.
Tone of DeArmond S-65:
Comments about DeArmond S-65: For the price i paid for this guitar it think its performance is very high. the tone is awesome for such a cheap guitar and thats what u should expect from a company that used to specialize in pickups.This guitar is very versatile and can play any type of music.I play it through a Crate gfx212 and it can basically get as heavy as u want or as light as u want.You can run the distortion real high without that nasty buzz of more expensive guitars.
Quality of DeArmond S-65:
Comments about DeArmond S-65: The finish on this guitar is darn near unbelievably beautiful, but the body is very weak so dont drop this guitar or you will be left with a nasty chip that is real ugly. Other than the weak body the craftmanship is a real good value. For a player like me who bends at great amounts this guitar can be a hassle to tune often but the tuning keys are decent and look good. This guitar does have a rather heavy neck so if u dont like sturdy necks and want a sg look get a epiphone sg special for around the same price but let me say one thing the epiphone wont look or sound half as good.
Overall Opinions of DeArmond S-65:
Pros: i really like the performance aspect of this guitar. for its price its a heck of an instrument and looks darn nice. if a budget musician i looking for a guitar with plenty of crunchability or low end tone this is the way to go.
Cons: if one was to buy this guitar they should take real good care of it because the body isnt the strongest. i put in a locking nut too because i bend allot and i recommend whoever is a bendaholic like me do the same.

Submitted by:
Abraham Kim (Allthegoodstuff@aol.com)
Playing Experience:
three to five years
Musical Tastes:
alternative blues classic rock

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