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DeArmond M-65C
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Price Paid for DeArmond M-65C: $2000 USD
Description of DeArmond M-65C: 2 humbuckers, carved top, Bluesbird style body shape, tune-o-matic bridge.
Tone of DeArmond M-65C:
Comments about DeArmond M-65C: This axe really got some vintage tone, very useful for styles like rockabilly and blues. The bridge pickup has a great sharp sound, ideal for lead riffs, blues solos and rockabilly rythm guitar (sounds like Bo Diddley when you use a little amp distortion). The neck pickup could have been a little better, I expected a more hollow sound from it but it was a little too dark, not full enough.
Quality of DeArmond M-65C:
Comments about DeArmond M-65C: This is the big problem with the M-65. The finish is beautiful for a guitar of that price, but after playing a while many problems will occur. First problem was the jack input, then the cables of the pickups, and of course the tone and volume knobs. But as for tuners, neck and the finish of wood there are no negative points, what makes the guitar very playable.
Overall Opinions of DeArmond M-65C:
Pros: Great guitar for this price, very nice looking, very playable and a pretty nice sound (don't get your hands on this guitar when you're planning to play heavy metal though).
Cons: The hardware has it flaws, well a little too much in my opinion. If you're not experienced with guitar hardware you shouldn't buy this axe.

Submitted by:
Playing Experience:
three to five years
Musical Tastes:
alternative blues classic rock jazz

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