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Alvarez RD-10
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Price Paid for Alvarez RD-10: $150 USD (approx)
Description of Alvarez RD-10: acoustic
Tone of Alvarez RD-10:
Comments for Alvarez RD-10: sound-excellent quality, very full. The tone is somewhat darker than my other guitar.
Quality of Alvarez RD-10:
Comments about Alvarez RD-10: VERY poor quality on the actual guitar. The finish has cracked and chipped repeatedly. My main concern, however, is that the frets have been worn flat in less than a year, with only medium amounts of playing (about 12-15 hours/week). Also, the string anchors had a tendency to stick when I was changing strings.
Overall Opinion of Alvarez RD-10:
Pros: Good Tone, somewhat more inexpensive that other models.
Cons: Poor quality instrument, doeesn't handle much abuse. String anchors want to stick. But what did I expect for $150?

Submitted by:
Graen Wulfsbane
Playing Experience:
under one year
Musical Tastes:
blues classical classic rock folk heavy metal

[Submit an Alvarez RD-10 Review or Other Guitar Review]

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