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Alternate Tuning Guide
Open C Tuning
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Tuning Tips
  • Start by tuning your sixth string down to full tones to C.
  • Then tune your fifth string down a tone to G. Check the tuning with the third (G) string.
  • Next, tune your fourth string down a tone to C. Check the tuning with the sixth (C) string.
  • Lastly, tune your second string UP a semitone to C. Check the tuning with the fourth (C) string.

Tab of Songs in This Tuning...

Breakin' Down - This is a Ben Harper tune played in open C using a slide. You can try using your finger for simplicity's sake, however. You only need one finger across one fret to play this entire song.

Most High - This Page & Plant tune makes use of the lower strings in the open C tuning to create a nice full guitar sound.

Sister Awake - The Canadian band The Tea Party are another group that uses open tunings extensively. This track uses the open strings of this tuning as "drone" strings.

Friends - Track from Led Zeppelin III. Great song with several interesting parts, all in open C tuning. It'll take some practice, but you'll get it!

The Whole Night Sky - A Bruce Cockburn tune, and, as with most of the Canadian singer/songwriter's guitar parts, it's more involved than it first appears.

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