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Sidewalks of New York

James W. Blake/Charles B. Lawlor 1894

Chords Used: C | F | G7 | C7 | A7 | D7

Waltz Time

C          G7   C
East side, West side,
F     G7       C
All around the town,
    F                       C
The kids sang "Ring-a-Round-Rosie",
A7     D7                G7
London bridge is falling down.
C        G7      C     C7
Boys and girls together,
F              C       C7
Me and Mamie O'Rourke,
F                    C
Tripped the light fantastic
A7     D7        G7     C
On the Sidewalks of New York.

Other verses:
East Side, West Side, all around the town
Sweet Mamie grew up and bough herself a sweet little Alice-blue gown
All the fellas dug her, you should have heard them squark
When I escorted Mamie round the sidewalks of New York

East Side, West Side, riding through the parks
We started swinging at Jilly's then we split to P.J.Clark's
On to Chuck's Composite, then a drink at The Stork
We won't get home until morning 'cause we're going to take a walk
On the sidewalks of New York

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